Contact and visiting

People contact us for all sorts of reasons ranging from seeking assistance in researching the details of a family history or a local building to making general enquiries about the history of Halberton and the surrounding area. If we don’t know the answers we can usually find someone who does!


The Twose Room at Halberton Village Hall is where we keep our archives.

Because of Covid-19 the Twose Room may now only be visited by prior appointment. If you would like to visit the room please email us at the address shown below.

A listing of the documents, maps, books etc that we have in our archive.


You can contact us in two ways, either

By writing to us at The Halberton History Group, Village Hall, 18, High Street, Halberton, Tiverton, Devon EX16 7AF


By emailing us; our email address is all lower case and as spoken is; “historygroup at halberton dot org” (historygroup is all one word)

If you are contacting us with an enquiry about a family history it would help if you could provide as much information as possible about the ancestor(s) you are researching. We do hold some parish and census records in our archives and the complete set is available at the Devon archives and local studies centre in Exeter.