The history of Halberton

This is the section of our site where you will find out about the history of the parish and village of Halberton. Before you click off this page thinking “What’s interesting about that?”, try a few questions:

Where have Stone Age axes been found locally?

On which farms in the parish have large numbers of Bronze Age flints been discovered?

Were there any Roman Roads around here?

How many local farms were recorded in the Domesday Book?

How old are the listed buildings in the parish?

Who was ‘The Agricultural Labourer’s Friend’ and what has he got to do with Halberton?

Halberton hit the national headlines in 2012. Why?

Within this section of our site we have provided generalised descriptions of the history of the area up until Domesday (1086). Thereafter we have included some transcripts, more detailed information about some of the people of the parish and links to exernal sites that provide more information. Follow the menus and see what you can discover.